UL | Do Your Part, Share Safety Smart!

UL partnered with Disney Parks, Experiences and Consumer Products 15 years ago to create our signature program, Safety Smart. This initiative educates children about how to make safe, informed decisions in every aspect of their lives.

While UL has always encouraged employees to participate in the program, it was often a challenge for people to balance their full time jobs with extra volunteer commitments. To address these obstacles, and to encourage employee volunteerism, UL implemented a Volunteer Paid Time Off (VTO) Policy in 2018. Now, all full-time employees get two days each year to volunteer for UL-sponsored programs – including Safety Smart!

With the VTO Policy in place, the 2018-2019 school year became the perfect time for UL’s Safety Smart 15 Year Anniversary Campaign. We kicked off the Campaign with this video, featuring Fernando Rubi. Fernando was a first-time Safety Smart Ambassador who went from learning about the program to volunteering, using VTO, in just two weeks.

Fernando’s experience exemplifies how inspiring Safety Smart can be for our employees. Through the Campaign we are encouraging even more colleagues to use their VTO to become Ambassadors, and to help us reach thousands more children worldwide through Safety Smart by May 2019.

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